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Think Melbourne 2001
Hullo there
Are we really not working

Welcome to the DirectLoad revolution!
DirectLoad is software which enables a file created in MS Word 2000 to be converted to HTML, exported from the local machine and loaded into a website in one very simple operation!
This is a tool which makes it easier than ever before for people with no knowledge of website structure or language to maintain their own presence online! It is perfect for intranets too!
All the client needs is MS Word 2000 and a standard Internet connection. No FTP. No HTML. No other software packages. No messing around - the files you DirectLoad from MS Word just appear on the website!
DirectLoad consists of two parts, the DirectLoad client - a special template for MS Word 2000 on your system in which you write the source files, and the DirectLoad server, which collects the files you send and puts them in an appropriate place on the website.
DirectLoad will convert files into HTML and send then (together with any associated images) to the appropriate section of the website. Optionally you can DirectLoad Native MS Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or MPEG Video (.mpg) files
Depending on the setup, the formatting can be controlled such that the loaded file can be all or partially forced to comply with the style of the website.
So easy, only telepathy is simpler!
DirectLoad is freely available for your evaluation from this website, though it has some limitations. Once you have purchased DirectLoad the licence is Royalty free which means that within the terms of the license agreement you can freely distribute your own applications containing DirectLoad.
For more information about DirectLoad, contact rmh
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