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The files in the 2 following
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Demo Section 1
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Think Melbourne 2001
Melbourne 2001
Hullo there smarty
news item 1
Are we really not working
This is a file from Win Nt
This is a test to see tables
now we really work
Was genau ist openBOX
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Think Melbourne 2001
Hullo there
Are we really not working

Download DirectLoad Client
The current version is 3.8 released 9 September 2002
System requirements
MS Windows 95/98/millenium/NT4/2000 or better.
MS Word 2000 (v9) or better.
How to install
See the Online help file
Download the evaluation version
Just the help file: DirectLoad.chm 51kb
Full DirectLoad client install: DLsetup.exe 343 Kb
The Evaluation version has some limitations but the basic functionality is there. Upgrading to the Full version is simply a matter of entering your license key in your evaluation version.
Try the evaluation version on this site!
1) Install DirectLoad Client on your computer.
2) Use DirectLoad straight away! The destination URL is:
     The password is demo.

Download DirectLoad Server
The current version is 3.20 released 22 March 2005
System requirements
Cold Fusion 4.5.1, CFMX 6.1 or better.
How to install
See the Online help file
Download DirectLoad Server
Key files in a working model: DLserver.zip 22 kb
Note: if you just need the key files, simply extract DirectLoad.cfm and Collect_data.cfm from the .zip file.
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