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The files in the 2 following
menu items were loaded onto
this site via DirectLoad client.

Demo Section 1
Test script onclick
thids is the file
This is another test
This is a test of v
Page with an image
test x
Available publications
Think Melbourne 2001
Melbourne 2001
Hullo there smarty
news item 1
Are we really not working
This is a file from Win Nt
This is a test to see tables
now we really work
Was genau ist openBOX
Demo Section 2
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Think Melbourne 2001
Hullo there
Are we really not working

DirectLoad version history

  • Server Version 3.20, 22 Mar 2005
    Tweak so DirectLoad server works correctly on CFMX
  • Client Version 3.8, 9 September 2002
    DirectLoad client revised so it can be much more easily installed as a MA-Word add-in.
  • Server Version 3.9, 23 December 2001
    Error fix to StripHTML options 5 & 6
  • Server Version 3.8, 13 December 2001
    Added the MakeSafeHTML parameter.
    Removed .doc from the list of default DirectLoad-able file types. (.doc files are still DirectLoad-able but doc now has to be explicitly included in the AcceptedFileTypes parameter.)
    Added StripHTML options 5 & 6
  • Version 3.7, 16 October 2001
    Refinements to the way images associated with HTML files are handled by DirectLoad client.
    DirectLoad server: Now in the format of a standard custom tag; CF_directload. Improved error messaging.
  • Version 3.6, 7 October 2001
    Introduced the "rapid overwrite" option in DirectLoad client and the ability to DirectLoad .mpg files to DirectLoad client & server.
  • Version 3.5, 1 October 2001
    DirectLoad client and DirectLoad server rebuilt from the ground up.
    Many enhancements to the system including no hassle loading of embedded image files, will load .doc and .pdf files Etc.
  • Version 2-1, 25 August 2001
    DirectLoad client now receives more detailed information back from the server including an updated list of the available sections on the website which can be DirectLoaded into.
    DirectLoad server converted into a self contained Cold Fusion custom tag.
  • Version 1-1, 16 July 2001
    DirectLoad client is considerably more configurable and retains settings across sessions and differently configured templates.
    DirectLoad server improved to handle file deletions and more intelligent responses.
  • Version 1-0, 12 July 2001
    Initial release.

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