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PPG PHG Nationals: Introduction
Updated 30 Sep 2008

Welcome to the Foot Launched Aircraft National Championships 2000 information site.

The National Championships in 2000 will not be the usual league but will be happening over a single 4 day period from 16 - 19 June and based at the Eagle Hotel, New Radnor, Powys.

The final pilot classification in the PPG class will be an important indicator for the selection of the British team to compete at the European Championships, 12 - 27 August, at Levroux, Nr. Chateauroux, Central France. (There is no PHG class this year.)

In these National Championships there will be 2 classes , PPG's and PHG's, in 2 separate competitions under 2 competition Directors.

  • PPG's: Richard Meredith-Hardy. Competition Director of various '97 and '98 Nationals and PPG championships at 1997 WAG, 1998 World Cup and 1999 World Championships.
  • PHG's: Ben Ashman and/or Paul Dewhurst. Multiple international microlight champions.

All PPG and PHG pilots are invited to come and fly at the event even if they do not wish to compete. (There may be some flying restrictions while some tasks are taking place). No membership of any particular national organization is required but for the safety of all concerned, 3rd Party insurance is mandatory.

Further information may be published on this site in the coming weeks. In the meantime you may contact: