Loads your microFLAP .xch file with teams and pilots from a .csv file.

Load your microFLAP .xch file and a .csv file of pilots and you get it back with teams and pilots included in the file.
Will delete any existing teams or pilots!

.xch file from microFLAP:

.csv file with pilot names, nation, class Etc:

This is designed for quickly setting up a new championship, not amending one as you are going along.

The new file will contain the Geo, TaskCatalogue and Tasks from the input .xch file but results may be unpredictable if it already has set-up Tasks in it.

The first row of the .csv file must contain 11 column names;
Columns PILOT, COMPNO, NATION, CLASS are mandatory and values must not be empty (or the entire row will be ignored).
Columns NAVIGATOR, REGISTRATION, MANUFACTURER, MODEL, ENGINE, WINGS, FUSELAGE must still exist as column names, but may be empty values.

The order of columns or case of column names doesn't matter.

If you use the ISO 3166 or Olympic country codes in the NATION field then the correct full country name will be appropriately filled in. (FAI standard protocol is Olympic).

If you use any of the classes AL1, AL2, WL1, WL2, PF1, PF2, PL1, PL2 in the CLASS field then the full class name will be appropriately filled in.

In the two seat classes you might find it better to put pilot_name / co-pilot_name in the PILOT field rather than putting the co-pilot in the NAVIGATOR field.

In Excel, before saving as .csv to load here, put at least one of the mandatory fields as the very right hand column of the 11 columns as a sort of fence, this way you are likely to have all the 'empty' fields still in the csv file. Otherwise excel may be inclined to miss some of them out (cos it's M$), and then microFLAPload will not work.

Doesn't work? Send both files to RMH