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News release: 17 Dec 2007, Kit leaves

Our equipment was crated up over the weekend and left for Tanzania this morning.

What happens next is entirely up to KLM who should be delivering it all to Kilimanjaro International Airport sometime before the new year.

Sarah Mmari at Teddy Junior Ltd has been extremely helpful in getting our temporary importation permissions arranged and the famous Eve Jackson who lives in Dar Es Salaam has been equally helpful with getting our permissions sorted with the Tanzania CAA.

We are all now waiting to leave for Tanzania in early January...

Watch this website to see how we get on.

Dare2b outdoor clothing - Life is for the living, savour every minute
Micro Avionics - Suppliers of pilot intercom and radio equipment to the expedition

Cam-ARA - Suppliers of video equipment to the expedition
SKYDRIVE, the UK Distributor of ROTAX engines
O-ZEE flight suits.  Suppliers of Bar-mitts to the expedition.
P&M AVIATION; UK dealer for Warp Drive Propellors
Neltec flexible heaters for battery and flight recorder
ON RISK - Suppliers of insurance to the expedition
BAILEY AVIATION manufacturers of Paramotors and automotive sport acessories
P&M AVIATION manufacturers of fine microlight Aircraft
PARAMINA; Suppliers of Oxygen equipment to the expedition
Articole Studios - GRP mouldings
Gerbings heated clothing
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