Flags and Anthems

All teams planning to enter WMC 2003 must send 3 national flags as soon as possible, 1 for the main display, 1 to mark your campsite and 1 to run up the flagpole when you win a trophy.  They should be approximately 150 x 225 cm (so they all look good in a row rather than some large and some small). 


They will be returned to you (unless stolen by souvenir-hunting microlight pilots) after the competition.  If you don't send a flag we can't fly it for you!


We have copies of all the national anthems of the world, but if your country has changed its national anthem recently please send us a CD of the latest national anthem.


The address to which these must be sent is:


Keith Negal

Lilac Cottage

Little Preston



NN11 3TF     UK




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