Entry fees
Local regulations 1.4 ENTRY says:
- The entry fee is:
400 for pilot in each class
400 for each co-pilot (navigator)
200 for each Team Leader and accompanying persons.
* A discount of 50 per person will be allowed for all entry fees paid by 1 May 2003.
* A reduced discount of 25 per person will be allowed for all entry fees paid by 31 May 2003.
* Entries must be made on the official Entry Form.

* If applications, with fees paid, are not received by 31 May 2003 the entry may be refused.
Bank details
Entry fees should be paid to the following bank account:
Bank name: HSBC plc
Bank address: PO Box 14, 3 Wood Hill, Northampton, NN1 2DE, UK
Payment made to: WMC2003 Ltd
Account No: 62301962
Bank 'sort code': 40-35-04

Entry forms
The official entry form is included in the Local regulations.
Entry forms should be sent by mail or FAX by a representative of your National Aero Club to:
BMAA, Bullring, Deddington, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 0TT, UK
FAX: + 44 (0) 1869 337116

All competitors and team leaders should also pre-register on COMPS
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