Team sizes
Local regulations 1.4 ENTRY says:
The Championships are open to all Active Member and Associate Member countries of FAI who may enter in each classic class 6 pilots, in the PF1 class from 4 to 6 pilots depending on overall numbers (to be confirmed on the official website not later than 19 May 2003) and in the PPT classes 4 pilots.

13 May 2003: A final decision as to PF1 team sizes has been made. See Bulletin 1.

    Current status
  • Classic classes: All classes: max 6 per class.
  • PPG: max 6 per class.
  • PPT: All classes: max. 4 per class, but see Bulletin 1 re. class PL2
  • PHG: At present these are not included in the championships, but could be if there is sufficient demand.....
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