UK National Paramotor Championships 2005; Bulletin 1

Entry Fee

£40 if pre-registered on COMPS by Midnight 20 May 2005

£50 thereafter. 

Payment at registration on-site, all receipts after expenses go to the British Team fund.

Championship timetable

Pilot registration: From Friday 27 May 15:00 until Saturday 28 May 08:00

Initial pilot briefing: Saturday 28 May 08:00, all pilots are expected to attend.

Championship window: 07:00 to 21:30 daily, from 10:00 Saturday 28 May until 12:00 Tuesday 31 May.

Latest possible complaints deadline: 14:00 Tuesday 31 May

Prizegiving: 14:30 Tuesday 31 May.


3rd Party insurance is mandatory.  It is likely we will be able to offer on-site a 1 year 3rd party insurance for less than £50.  More information will be released about this nearer the time.


Landranger 1:50:000 No. 119, Buxton & Matlock, Bakewell & Dove Dale.  Some of these maps will be for sale on site.

Although no turnpoints will be set outside the official map, it is conceivable that Pilots might wish to fly beyond the area this map covers in an "as far as you can go in any direction you like with 2 litres task".  It is therefore recommended all Pilots are equipped with a 1/4 million air-map covering the region.  (Sheet 6, England East)

Task sheets & briefings

Task sheets for all tasks will be published on this site around two weeks before the event. 

 To keep the initial briefing as short as possible the Director doesn't really want to discuss the tasks at all, instead this should be done on the PilotsPPGclubUK list before the event. 

It is expected ALL pilots will arrive on-site equipped with all task sheets and the general briefing sheet and will have read and understood them.

Outlanding recovery

Is the responsibility of the pilot. The organization is not equipped to deal with this.

Airfield and no-fly zones
All pilots are asked to study carefully the aerial photos on the home page and note the location of the blue no-fly-zones.  It is critical to the success of the event that nobody EVER flies over these areas.  There will be severe penalties for infringements which will include being grounded.

The reserve airfield at the front of the Pub is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  We have been granted permission to use this field in the championships but it is sensitive to trampling so no vehicles will be permitted in the field and pilots must take care not to spill fuel Etc.

GPS Flight recorders
GPS flight recorders are essential to the success of this 'new' format.  In all probability we will have enough of the MLR SP24 XC flight recorders for everybody, but just in case we don't, if you own a GPS which records tracks, bring it, together with a way of sealing it so we know you can't see any useful display and preferably with the download cable & PC software.  If you do have to use your own GPS but we can find no way of getting the flight data out of it then we will have no option but to give you a zero score. (We have an 'old' Garmin round connector and a MLR one).

The MLR's are worth about £150 each.  You will be expected to sign a waiver indemnifying the owner against damage and loss.

The MLR's take 4 x AA batteries, a set should last 12-15 hours, these are your responsibility.


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