Visitors to the site and free flying


In principle the organizer does not want to stop anyone from flying.

However, in the past we've had great trouble from free-fliers either seriously obstructing competitors while they were trying to do something (like a precision landing) or, once we has a chap who came with a paramotor / siren which obviously derived most of its thrust by sonic waves.  This did not endear us to our neighbours, especially as he appeared to ignore signals to land for ages.

It is therefore a difficult decision.

The organizers have therefore decided the simplest solution is to incorporate a bit of blackmail and say NO FREE FLYING - unless you have been part of the organization, ie a marshal or something, for at least one of the championship days.  There are plenty of job opportunities, just find the Championship Director when you arrive on site.


This will hopefully help us while educating each pilot a bit about what's going on in the championship and what not to do, including:

  • Not getting in the way of any competitors, on the ground or in the air.
  • Not entering any of the local, or remote no-fly-zones.
  • Not causing a nuisance to our neighbours.

Because this is a public event, all pilots, whether competing or not, must have 3rd party insurance.

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18 May 2005