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Updated 6 Oct 2008

Welcome to Richard Meredith-Hardy's GNSS Flight recorder site.

The purpose of this site is to publish information regarding GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) flight recorders suitable for Microlight championships and records.

At present there are three 'CIMA approved' flight recorders, the MLR SP24XC and the Air Observer mini and micro. The approval documents and instructions for these are all kept at the FAI CIMA flight recorder approval documents page.

FAI Section 10, Annex 6

  • Describes the different kinds of GPS receiver/recorders which can be used to provide valid flight evidence in Microlight championships and records.
  • Describes the terms of reference for a CIMA sub-committee; the Flight Recorder Approval Committee (FRAC) and describes the sort of work it should do.
  • Describes the hardware and software requirements for CIMA approved Flight recorders (FR's) which may be used in some records and are the only ones which may be used in championships.

FRAC is now actively engaged in the approval of flight recorders. If you are a manufacturer and would like to have your Flight Recorder approved to the CIMA standard, please get in touch with any member of FRAC:

  • Richard Meredith-Hardy (GBR, Chairman) Contact
  • Jose-Luis Esteban (ESP)

Articles will be posted from time to time on this site concerning FR's and their use in Microlights. Comment is invited.