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Software: MLR firmware
Updated 6 Oct 2008

The MLR SP24XC comes as standard with Hang-Gliding software. You can convert your MLR between hang glider version, 2-sec Microlight version and 5-sec microlight flight recorder version with the software in [712 Kb]

Extract all files to the same directory.

Plug in a MLR to your serial port & run MLR LOAD VL-FF.exe

You have the option to convert it between 3 types:
SP24XCFFVL - this is the hang glider version it comes with. Useful as an ordinary GPS
SP24XC TRACK_2 - this is the microlight flight recorder version which records fixes at 2 sec intervals.
SP24XC TRACK_5 - as above, but 5 sec intervals.

The MLR's memory capacity is 8000 fixes, so
2 sec x 8000 = 4h 26min or a fix every 55m @ 100 Km/h
5 sec x 8000 = 11h 06min or a fix every 138m @ 100 Km/h

What you are doing in this process is totally wiping the 'ROM' in the MLR and rewriting to it so all memorized waypoints, tracks Etc. are deleted. DO NOT disconnect or otherwise stop the alteration process before it completes or you will have a useless MLR.... It is strongly recommended you change the firmware from a computer which has a serial port rather than via a USB-Serial adapter which are often variable in performance.

If you get the message WRONG CHECKSUM WAIT PROGRAM then you have indeed corrupted the ROM. The only solution to this is to contact a CIMA FRAC member who might be able to fix it.

In championships we have always used the 5 sec version. It is not because we usually expect tasks to last more than 4 1/2 hours (though a soaring one could) but because some pilots invariably forget to empty their FR memory before takeoff. The MLR will start 'back at the beginning' when the memory is full, but it is a hassle sorting out a non-contiguous track recording.

Of course microlights are a lot faster than paramotors so you may prefer to use the 2 sec version for accuracy. In this case you will have to reinforce to pilots that their memories must be empty before takeoff. (trouble is, they usually are...)

The MLR flight recorder is exceptionally easy to use but in your initial pilot briefing it is a good idea to remind them to make sure to check the GPS Date setting which must be the current year or you may see some strange results in the flight analysis which will take some time to un-muddle. The zip file above contains a brief user instructions you can give to pilots.