Some folks have asked specifically for more information about non-competitor flying so we thought it might be useful to make sure everyone knows how this will be managed at the Championship.


All pilots are welcome at the event and the Competition Director, Mike Campbell-Jones, hopes that it will be possible to find times when he can permit non-competitors to fly.  However it must be stressed that the safety, and successful completion of the 2004 Championship is the Number1 priority.


Non-competitor pilots (NC pilots) are asked to report in to the Office when they arrive so that we can identify those who may wish to fly if permitted.  You must have proof of 3rd party insurance; a copy of this will be made along with your personal details.



The Competition Director will be appointing a marshal responsible for the NC pilots and there will be briefings daily to make sure all NC pilots understand the No Fly Zones and any ongoing restrictions.  No-Fly Zones, and any other notices, will be pinned to the Barn door for all to read.  Flying will only be permitted at the Comp Directors discretion.  Please take time to understand the ‘flag’ system, which will clearly indicate the various No-flying/Task open etc rules. Infringements of any of these rules will result in an immediate grounding, so very little mercy. Just to be sure that the organisation know that know you are a NC pilot, we will request that you trail a small tassel (supplied) from your trailing edge.


Fees:  £20 (this includes the camping fee) for the duration of the championship OR  £5 per day for daily visitors.  Payable either in advance (see the section ‘How to Pay your competition fees’) or when you book in.


PS the UK competition NEEDS you! – Any one wishing to get involved and help out as a marshal please let us know, especially if you have previous experience of time keeping and have a sharp eye. We are short staffed at present and marshalling is part of the fun, also you do get to learn lots.


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