For the 2004 championships we are trying something different, which we hope will help to integrate pilots and make us all feel like one happy community.  We would like to provide a mid-day meal, which everyone will enjoy together. This is done at French and Spanish events and we find that is when everyone has the time for good discussions on tactics and flying in general – and it is a great learning opportunity for everyone.


The nearest village (2 miles away) does not even have a corner store and the nearest town with proper shops and restaurants is Downham Market (6 or 7 miles). The nearest petrol station is also 6 or 7 miles away. Nipping out between tasks for a proper  meal may not be so easy. On an isolated site of this kind we thought a guaranteed on-site meal might be very welcome.


To organise this we do need to know whether you would like to participate, to have firm orders so that the caterers have plenty of notice, and so we can negotiate the best deal.


Basically one big main meal (at midday when the tasks are quiet), for competitors, marshals and any who wish to participate.  Cost £10 per meal, to include beverages during the meal and at all times, ie tea/coffee etc. on tap in the barn.


With the event now a little more than a week away please could you reply to this communication as soon as possible? We need to know the following information please


  • How many people are you booking for?


  • Please indicate which days you want meals        







  • Do you have any special requirements (eg vegetarian)


  • Are you happy to pay up to £10 per meal per day, to include beverages?


Please email your orders to     

On or before - 23/5/04


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20 May 2004

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