Notice to all Competition pilots, marshals & others 27/05/2004


With only 2 days to go!


Weather for the comp and tasks.

I have had a chance to look at the weather – there is low pressure due to move over us on Saturday evening through to at least Monday evening, the good news is that is loosing its energy fast, so with a bit of luck will leave us a few good holes to play in.


Early registration importance of!

Please make the effort to get there the night before, We will have the office open for registration from 12am through to 11pm on the Friday, in order to get people booked in as early as possible. First task will be taking place as early as possible on the Saturday morning. Of course registration will be available then, however you may risk losing a precious task if you leave it until Saturday to arrive and register.


What tasks to expect

Given the weather, I will almost certainly start off early with a navigation task, probably with some declared times and TO and Landing scoring elements. We will be saving economy and precision tasks for when we have narrower weather slots, these will take place closer to the airfield.


If the conditions get very strong but still flyable we will probably be doing a down wind course with declared speed elements.  To have a valid championship we need to run at least 5 tasks, which reflect all disciplines.



Unfortunately the food at this point in time has been a problem, we had less than 20 commit to the scheme, and Most of the caterers would not deal with much less than 50 covers. All I can do about this is to check out local sources in Kings-Lynn when I get there, pizza or other and see if they will do a delivery. If we are not successful by Thursday evening then it will have to be everyone to fend for themselves.  We are however definitely Hiring a nice big tea urn so that tea, coffee around tables and chairs should create a pretty good café scene, if we could put a few barbecues around that area, it could work well.



Michel Carnet has kindly volunteered to help those who cannot read French and who can give him the following details by email by 18:00 Thursday at the latest:


Name, Address, Home tel, Work or mobile tel, Email, Date of birth, Occupation, Credit card number, expiry date and last 3 numbers on the back of the card.


The Verspieren insurance costs 37 euros (26 pounds) and is available



Michel will tick the box confirming having read and understood the small print as shown here:


And will print the filled form and acknowledgement of payment.


Learning @ the Barn

One of the reasons this site was chosen is that it has a fabulous covered area. So, If for any reason we are prevented from flying by the conditions some of the top guys in the sport will be imparting hot tips and information on a variety of different paramotoring subjects. Lectures and Q&A sessions will be announced as we go along. Believe me when I say it is our intention that your time will be well spent here at the nationals.


Good luck and see you there.

Mike C-J and team

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