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News release: 11 Mar, Trouble in Brindisi

Miles and Brian should have left Brindisi for Corfu by now. News to me is a bit sketchy as Brian's mobile has obviously run out of steam but you may find better news on Miles' blog.

Basically, they did have a clearance to go into Brindisi, but were only armed with a clearance number. This apparently wasn't good enough for the police there and for a while I think they had quite an interesting time. I was certainly getting excited calls from my friends in Italy who were keeping a close eye on things.

Eventually the actual clearance was faxed to them and I believe all was well thereafter.

The plan is to try to get back on schedule as soon as possible so I'm off to Cyprus tomorrow with the intention of carrying on to Amman on Tuesday. Whether Miles and Brian will get to Cyprus by tomorrow night is of course a big question.

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