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News release: 12 Mar, Athens



Miles and Brian are in Athens.

By all accounts the weather down from Corfu was truly dreadful, Brian really has drawn the short straw on this trip so far, they landed in a 30 Kt wind in Athens, so strong that when he put the wingtip on the ground he couldn't lift it again without someone coming out to help.

I got a call from Panaghis Vergottis who said he'd seen them fly by and got some photos. Later he emailed:

Please find attached a couple of photos, due to turbulence and flying on my own I did not want to come close to the microlight. I am now based at my village in Kefalonia, Greece, the airport code is LGKF. If you need any help in Greece let me know, good luck with the rest of the trip. - Thanks Panos!

The latest plan (there have been several today) is for me to take over in Rhodes. I'm off there sparrow's fart tomorrow morning. We will really have to crack on to catch our overflight clearance for Lebanon and Syria which runs out on Thursday....

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