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News release: A bit of a rush 9 Mar 07

Miles and Brian are in France. I am running about like a lunatic trying to get my life in order before departure to Cyprus early next week.

The schedule is very tight. Why? Well there are a whole lot of speaking engagements lined up for Miles en-route. I think things will be such a rush that quite how much I will be able to maintain this site I don't know, but I will try, you might get a different angle on things from time to time here.

Certainly Miles will be updating his blog on the Seeing Is Believing site as frequently as possible so that is probably the best place for the latest news. Don't forget to donate something, however small while you're there too, Seeing Is Believing is a very worthwhile project, just £20 can restore sight to someone effectively blind with cataracts. Miles may well be maintaining news on his own website too.

I am extraordinarily grateful to my Wife Nicky and Children Alexandra, Isobel and Hugo who have let me go off on this trip as such short notice; I can't believe it really; one minute I was enjoying a quiet sunday evening vegitating in front of the telly, the next minute I seem to be doing one of those things I always wanted to do: fly to Australia in a microlight.....

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