News bulletin 1, 13 May 2003
Pay your entry fees now and save money!
So far 4 nations have paid their entry fees on the basis of provisional and mostly un-named teams. These nations have so saved themselves €50 per person by taking the discount for entry fees paid before 1 May.
There remains a lesser discount of €25 per person for entry fees paid before 31 May.
Please do not miss it! We need the money as we are already incurring the costs. Please pay your entry fees NOW even if you don't yet have the names of your complete team. Any overpayment will be refunded.
All competitors should pre-register on COMPS

Team sizes
The organizers reserved the right to alter the max. team size in the PF1 class at any time before 19 May 2003.
The decision has now been made and the max. number of pilots per team in the PF1 class is 6 (six). See official documents for permitted team sizes in other classes.

PL2 class
At this time nobody has expressed an interest to enter the PL2 class (powered parachute flown dual).
The organizers do not wish to go to all the trouble of organizing a championship in this class if nobody wants to compete in it. If, by 31 May 2003 it appears there will not be a valid quorum for a championship (min. 4 teams from different nations) then the organizers reserve the right to declare that they will not be organizing a championship in this class, though people are welcome to come and fly as guests at the championship.
People can pre-register on COMPS at any time.

Flight recorders
As you probably know, we are more than one month late in making an announcement regarding the status of GPS based flight recorders in WMC 2003. Unfortunately it has now become clear that no kind of flight recorder which fully conforms with the CIMA standard will be commercially available in the immediate future. With great regret we must therefore announce that flight recorders will definitely not be used as the primary source of evidence at WMC 2003.
All pilots at WMC 2003 may carry a GPS flight recorder which may be used, at the organizer's discretion, as secondary evidence. These may be of any type, but if it is capable of providing the pilot or crew with any useful information other than the time, it must be sealed in an opaque container which the competitor provides. Any abuse of this rule may incur immediate disqualification.
Pilots wishing to use a flight recorder in this way should also come equipped with a data transfer cable and the appropriate software to transfer the flight data from the recorder to a PC.

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