3rd party insurance

This type of insurance is (and always has been) a mandatory requirement for all competitors at FAI international championships.  All pilots’ insurance will be checked at registration.  It is strongly recommended all pilots obtain suitable cover in their home countries before arrival, but the organization can provide insurance for all classes of competing microlights.

Classic classes, PL1 & PL2

We are now able to offer 3rd Party Cover to any competitor for the duration of WMC2003 as required in The Local Regulations for participants of the Classic classes, PL1 & PL2.  If you wish to take up this offer you will need to send me the following information.




Aircraft Type

Aircraft Manufacturer/Model

Aircraft Registration.


The cost of this insurance is £52.50 per aircraft, could you please transfer the relevant fee before 16th August if you require this cover.  (see bank details)


Any documentation you need to have will be available at registration


Regards & contact


Dawn Dewhurst  dawn_dewhurst@yahoo.co.uk

Championship Administration Manager


A three month ‘Visiting foreign pilot’ insurance will be available on site and provided by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA).  The cost will be £40 payable on-site at registration.






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