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30 Jul 2011 10:09 BST

EMC 2010 Intranet

The championships are now over, congratulations to the winners!


WL1 (weightshift flown solo)    
1 Richard RAWES GBR 7376
2 Hynek LUKAS CZE 6328
3 Joaquin ORTS PAREDES ESP 6269
WL2 (weightshift flown with two people.)    
1 Robert GRIMWOOD / John WAITE GBR 7722
2 Przemyslaw JURKIEWICZ / Dominika JURKIEWICZ POL 7456
3 Paul WELSH / Richard PROCTOR GBR 6945
AL2 (three axis control, flown with two people)    
2 David BROOM / Chris LEVINGS GBR 7257
1 GBR   60463
2 CZE   49772
3 FRA   36229

Tracks online

Jose Luis Esteban has improved his experimental track review system from last year and the tracks from all competition navigation flights are available at /trackreview/flights.html

To get the best out of it, especially how to use the 'sliders' in Google Earth to see tracks, gates and turnpoints, please carefully read the instructions.

About this intranet

The intranet system deployed at WPC 2009 and now this championship have succesfully demonstrated that it is far more effecient and environmentally friendly to publish all information pertaining to the championship online including task briefs.

The organization creates very little physical printed output except stuff which has to be issued to pilots in quarantine.

An intranet is a sort of private website operated at the championship airfield so it is not subject to the unreliabilities and delays of the internet, thus making the very latest information always instantly available, and it is automatically mirrored to the online site as soon as possible.

For best results, every team is encouraged to come to the championship with a wireless enabled laptop AND a printer, they may find themselves at a disadvantage if they don't.

The whole system relies on very reliable wireless connectivity througout the championship site.  While this was not a problem at WPC2009 there were issues at EMC 2010 and is something future organizers must carefully research in advance.

About files on this website

Many files are in Adobe PDF format.  Links from the menu on the left hand side are designed to display the selected PDF as an 'embedded' document so the menu Etc. are still preserved on the page.

If, for some reason this does not work for you, or you want to display the PDF full page, go to the Tools --> Site map page.  Here, links to PDF files are direct and will be displayed full screen.  Use the back button to return to the Site map page.

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