The following graphics are available for team T shirts Etc.
Right click on a link and 'save target as'.
Championship logo
wpc logo.jpg 795 x 596, 91 Kb
ASFC logo
asfc.jpg 851 x 852, 167 Kb
Flying man Co. Ltd logo
flying man.jpg 1000 x 782, 171 Kb
Soaring magazine logo
soaring logo.jpg 964 x 466, 103 Kb
The font used in the English titles is Zapf Humanist 601 Ultra Italic BT [ZHU601UI.ttf]

The text in Chinese for "World Paramotor Championships 2007" is 2007年世界动力伞锦标赛 For more info about unicode fonts see About Chinese writing

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10 Feb 2007

About Chinese writing

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