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Filling out the Customs Declaration Statistic Form


10 Aug 2007: Deadline to get Customs Declaration Statistic Form to ASFC.
The named person should bring a copy of the form with them to China.
The information you put must match exactly with what you bring.
You must leave China with exactly the same stuff.


ASFC have made a special arrangement with China Customs to help you get your equipment into, and out of China.

Use this form if you are bringing your equipment to China as personal luggage or as freight.

In principle this is a bureaucratic exercise designed to ensure you leave China with the same equipment as you brought in.

It is therefore extremely important that the number of pieces you put is correct, and that you eventually leave China with the exact same number.

The form may be filled out by whole teams (preferred) or by individuals. Each form represents a single 'transaction' with customs so please group shipments arriving at a different time or place on separate forms.

Please see the example form.

A copy of the form should be emailed to or FAX +86 10 6705 0839 by 10 Aug 2007 and this will be forwarded to China Customs who will notify the appropriate port-of-entry office in time for its arrival.

The person named on the form should bring an identical copy of the form with them to China.

When the equipment is collected, ASFC will have a person there to assist. The person named on the form will be required to fill out a Custom Declaration Form, and so long as the details originally provided match up exactly with the equipment actually brought, then there should be no problems.

If you are shipping your equipment by freight (rather than as personal luggage) please include the name and contact of the China handling agent in the Remarks section, and (if known) the Airway Bill (AWB) number. A copy of the form should be included with the documentation which travels with the freight consignment.

The procedure will be applied in reverse at departure.

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