10 July 2007

A full explanation about flight recorders can be found in Bulletin 2, item 15.

For those who do not have one, the French Federation FFPlUM, will generously be making some MLR SP24XC's available to pilots to rent on a first-come, first served basis. The cost will be €30 each for the duration of the championship.

At registration, each pilot will sign a waiver that he will be responsible for any loss or physical damage to a rented flight recorder whilst in his possession. The replacement value is €300.

Instructions for their use are included in their approval documents.

The objective is for everyone to have an approved type of flight recorder at least as primary. No other type of GPS or flight recorder will be permitted as primary unless there are none left to rent, no flight recorders will be rented as secondary until it is known that every competitor has one as primary.

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10 Jul 2007

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