Your arrival

Greetings from Aero Sports Federation of China(ASFC)!!

Your arrival date to China is coming very close.

When you arrive in Beijing Capital Airport, pass the passport control, get your luggage and then exit to the outside hall. There will be special persons who wear the WPC07 logo T-shirt waiting for your arrivals in the hall, you will notice them easily. And they will also hold a piece paper with your flight number and time. The persons will be wearing the BRIGHT ORANGE WPC07 logo T-shirt.

One important thing is that if you bring your equipment with you, you may have custom declaration. Do not worry, we will have special personal to handle this matter for you.

For those who shipped their equipment, when you are in China, your cargo may already transport to the flying site.

And I suggest you to CHANGE money in the airport at your arrival!!

See you soon in Beijing, China!

HAN Zhaofang

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24 Aug 2007

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