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Key points (Updated 19 July 2007)

Sunday 15th July Deadline for receipt of the Visa letter of invitation application form.

Friday 20 July Deadline for receipt of all Entry forms and Entry fees.

Friday 20th July Deadline for receipt of the Hotel Reservation form and payments guaranteeing official hotel price for everyone.

Friday 10th August 2007: Deadline to get Customs Declaration Statistic Form to ASFC.

Sunday 17th August: Deadline for receipt of the Travel Arrangements Form.

Location: Shi Sanling, ChangPing, Beijing, China

Championship dates: From 28th Aug to 9th Sep 2007
- Training, aircraft inspection, registration: Tuesday 28th August to Friday 31st August 2007
- First Competition briefing & Demo flying: Friday 31st August 2007
- Opening Ceremony: Saturday 1st September 2007
- Contest Flying Days: Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th September 2007
- Reserve Contest Day: Saturday 8th September
- Closing Ceremony, Prize-giving: Sunday 9th September 2007

Organizer: Aero Sports Federation of China and Beijing Flyingman Aviation Sport Equipment co., Ltd.

Official web site: www.wpc07.org

Event Director: Zhang Hesheng [CHN]

Deputy Event Director: Mike Lam [HKG]

Competition Director: Etsushi MATSUO [JPN]

International Jury: Tomas Backman [SWE], Richard Meredith-Hardy [GBR], Martin Marecek [CZE]

Stewards: José Luis Esteban [ESP], Rob Hughes [GBR]

Monitor: Richard Meredith-Hardy [GBR]

Coordinator: Zhaofang Han [CHN]

Assistant coordinator: CaoHui [CHN]

Classes of paramotor: PF1, PF2, PL1, PL2
Max per team; PF1: 6 pilots plus one female pilot (7 total).
Max per team; PF2: 2 Aircraft (2 pilots, 2 co-pilots).
Max per team; PL1: 4 pilots.
Max per team; PL2: 3 Aircraft (3 pilots, 3 co-pilots).

Entry fee; pilot and co-pilot: 630 €

Entry fee; Team Leaders: 472 €

Entry fee; assistants and others: 450 €

Entry fee includes:
- Competition operations (setting, controlling and evaluating the tasks),
- All competition materials (maps, films, task descriptions, control point atlases, etc.)
- Free use of the airport and free entry to all official events.
- Transportation from/to airport, assistance with customs.
- Shuttle bus between flying site & hotel site and pilot retrieves.
- Hotel and food from 18:00 31st of August to 10:00 10th of September.

Entry fee deadline: If official entry forms, with fees paid, are not received by 20 July 2007, the entry may be refused. If it is accepted, there will be an extra charge of 50 € per entry.
IMPORTANT: There is likely to be great pressure of numbers at this championship; there is a high risk that late entries will be refused.

Entry fee paid to: See Bulletins 1 or 2

Insurance: Third party insurance (not covering passengers) of minimum 150.000 € is obligatory for PF1 and a minimum of 950.000 € for PL1 and PL2 plus passenger insurance of minimum 350.000 € for PF2 and PL2.

Protest fee: 50 €

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