Final Local regulations & Task catalogue

Are published today; 15 July 2009.

So what is different to the 'Draft 3' which has been available since 12 April? Actually nothing except the names of the FAI officials which was finally decided today by the process of two votes within CIMA.

Championship Officials have to be confirmed by CIMA, the result of the first vote was published on 14 May, but while the vote was going on our esteemed colleague Etsushi Matsuo was tragically killed in a car accident in Thailand so a second vote had to take place to confirm his replacement.

The draft had text in red to highlight where it had been amended from FAI Section 10 Annexes 3 & 4, for example to state dates, times, officials, entry fees Etc. but as this is all now final all text is in black in the final version but there is no change in content.

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