WPC 2009 Intranet

It is an enormous job for a championship organization to print and distribute all the task definition sheets, scores and other papers to competitors. This leads to delays.

In an effort to streamline the system and be more environmentally friendly, nearly all this information, including task briefs at WPC 2009 will be published electronically via an on-site intranet.

There will be very little physical printed output from the organization.

An intranet is a sort of private website operated at the championship airfield so it will not be subject to the unreliabilities and delays of the internet, thus making the very latest information always instantly available.

On site there will be an 'internet cafe' and a good wireless connection for both intranet and internet. For best results, every team is encouraged to come to the championship with a wireless enabled laptop AND a printer, they may find themselves at a disadvantage if they don't.

There will be two URLs for the intranet.

  1. One internal at the championship site, known as the live on-site Intranet. This will work at the championship site on the wireless connection whether the internet is working or not. For more information about this, see local intranet access in the latest news section.
  2. An external mirror at www.flymicro.com/wpc2009. This will reflect the contents of the live on-site intranet except for very large files such as digital maps and track data files. There may be a delay before the mirror content exactly matches the live on-site intranet.

Notice of changes or additions to the intranet will also be (already are being) distributed in short messages via Twitter and you are encouraged to discover for youself a good way of receiving these messages on your mobile phone. See the Twitter messages page and after CZ nationals both in the latest news section.

After WPC 2009

The championship finished 5421 days ago.

Congratulations to the new World champions!

Was this experiment to publish everything electronically a success?

Please send your suggestions, comments and problems to RMH

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