Local intranet access

When you are on-site at Nové Mesto nad Metují you should access the local intranet as it will be much faster and may be more up to date than the mirror at flymicro.com which is a copy of the local intranet.

How do you tell the difference? At the top of each page it either says INTRANET external mirror or INTRANET live on-site. You are currently looking at the external mirror .

The normal access to the live on-site intranet is in your internet browser at http://wpc2009/

If this does not work, try

Can you see the embedded PDF documents like tasks and scores?

If not, you may need to change your browser security settings. MS Internet Explorer on Vista is especially tricky....

What you need to do is put the intranet in your local intranet zone with lesser security. RMH promises there is NOTHING nasty on the intranet server!

Your browser should say Local intranet and not internet in the status bar at the bottom of the browser page.

To change this:

In your browser go to:
Tools - Internet options - the security tab.
Select the Local intranet zone icon, and make the security level for this zone medium-low.
Select the Sites button.
The checkbox should be at Automatically detect intranet network.
Select the Advanced button.
Enter http://wpc2009/ or into the Add this website to the zone box and click the add button.
Make sure Require server verification (https://)... is NOT checked.
Press Close.
Press OK.
Press OK.

Refresh the page. You should now be reading PDF's ok.

Next time you see Bill Gates, thank him for making it so difficult, and tell him that Firefox has none of this trouble....

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