Pilot briefing No 3

Saturday 1 August 21:00 in the briefing room.

Team leaders and one assistant only.

Briefing for tasks 5, 6 and perhaps 7.
Task information will be published on the intranet in advance.

Important notices

  1. Please note the new no-fly zone around Jaromer airport. It is close to the track of task 3; incursions are DANGEROUS as it will be especially busy airfield at the weekend and WILL jepordize the livlihood of a colleague who operates microlights and paramotors from there.
  2. We have expended a vast amount of colour ink printing the photo sheets for task 3. There are enough for one set for each aircraft but not enough for two sets for PF2 and PL2. In the event there is not enough time to obtain replacement ink cartridges before the task starts, only one set will be issued to classes PF2 and PL2.
  3. Please note the [slightly] amended course for Task 4. The key point is that the landing decks will be set slightly in from the pylons so there is an opportunity to approach them from a wider range of directions.

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