Tasks 11, 12, 13 and 14

The task "Navigation with unknown legs" flown on 6 August was valid for PL1 and PL2, (with proportionate reduction) and will be scored as Task 11.

The task "Triangle slalom" will be scored as Task 12 for all classes.

Task 'x' Pure navigation (number of turnpoints) will be task 13.
Window open 11:00 - 17:00 6th August 2009
The first pilots who wish to go must get permission from the director to take off.

Pilots who have flown ALL turnpoints successfully will return to AF4, but then may continue through AF1, to repeat the task before returning to AF4
By passing through AF1 a second time, the pilot is positively indicating the 2 hour clock continues and it must be stopped by passing through AF4 a second time.
Pilots who score less than the maximum number of turnpoints, the clock stops the first time through AF4 (even if they continue through AF1 again) and no more turnpoints are scored.

Task 'y' The Eight slalom will be task 14 and will start from 17:30
THIS IS WHEN THE FIRST ORDER NUMBERS WILL BE SHOWN, so the first pilots MUST take off before 17:30
PF1 course will have giant pylons, PF2, PL1, PL2 course will have ordinary yellow pylons, the central stick in both cases will NOT have the yellow sleeve.

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