Tasks 7, 8 and 9

In task 7 this morning, every competitor in class PL2 did take off, apart from one who was still waiting for spare parts to arrive and would not have taken off in any case. It is therefore evident that every competitor in the class did have have the opportunity to take off (S10 4.25.3) and therefore the task must be valid. All competitors who have not yet submitted their loggers are requested to do so as soon as possible and the scoring for this will then be completed as soon as possible thereafter.

Takeoffs were cancelled at about 07:55, while PF2's were taking off, and although one PF2 did complete the task, not all competitors had the opportunity to take off, the task in PF2 was therefore not valid. No aircraft in classes PL1 or PF1 took off, the task was therefore not valid.

To keep things simple, all classes in the scorings will have a task 7, though only class PL2 will have scores.

The speed triangle and out and return task, nominally named Task 7b will appear in the scoring as Task 8

It is anticipated that a similar task to task 7 will be flown on the morning of 5th August. As class PL2 have already flown this task, this Task 9 is for classes PF2, PL1 and PF1 only.

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