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Notes from the competition Director.
If you don't know what Twitter is, then where have you been? However, not being a very savvy Facebook / RSS Feed / Twittery sort of person myself, this is quite experimental. Unfortunately it is not thought that Twitter offers free SMS text messages in Czech Republic like it does in some countries, so it is up to you to discover the best ways of exploiting WPC 2009 tweets. There are many possibilities, for example you could install a Java Twitter client on your mobile phone which accesses Twitter via GPRS or WAP which should be pretty cheap to run as the messages are so short.

If you find any good solutions, please share them on the WPC 2009 mailing list.

URL's are not included in these tweets because they will be different if you are on-site and accessing the live intranet or accessing the online mirror from somewhere else in the World.

Automatic tweets, ones starting Intranet file changes: which notify you of changes or additions to Tasks or Scores are not 100% guaranteed and you should still check the intranet regularly.

Only tweets straight out of are shown. (notice it is 2009WPC, not the inverse, which is something else on Twitter.) Replies Etc. are not shown here and the Director probably won't respond if you do reply.

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