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The WPC2009 forum at Yahoo Groups is for discussing all issues relating to the 2009 World Paramotor Championships at Nové Mesto nad Metují in Czech Republic 27 July - 9 August.

Pilots, team leaders and members of the organization are all invited to join in discussions here.

In particular, the championship director is planning to release all the task definitions in advance on this championship INTRANET and if there’s anything which is difficult to understand, confusing, missing, or just wrong, it can be resolved in this forum with everyone listening and the task can be amended to fix the problem.

Of course the ‘key’ elements will be missing so people can’t practise the tasks in advance, and timings, turnpoint locations and so on will be delivered on the intranet at a suitable time before the actual task briefing, but each ‘advance’ brief will otherwise be complete and will be the one the pilot uses to fly the task.

The objective is for task briefings to each take a maximum of 10 minutes. Entirely possible if all the questions are answered here in advance.

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