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Sunday 25 May

After a windy start it settled down and the pilots went off on Task 2 the ‘speed triangle and out and return’


A few people either had engine trouble or ran out of fuel before making it back, but most considered it a successful task.  Johan Bossyut (BEL) flew the furthest on the out and return, making 30Km, so a total of 54Km on 6 litres of fuel.


In the afternoon it settled down enough to do Task 3, the ‘fast – slow’, the winner was Michel Carnet with a speed difference of 18Km/h.  The new Paramania Action was impressive, recording a ‘fast’ speed of 45Km/h.


Michel Carnet


Monday 26 May

Task 4; Navigation precision and speed.

In perfect weather pilots had to collect as many turnpoints as possible in a limited time.  Four of these were ‘bonus’ points where the pilots had to land and mark their card with a special punch at the landing site.


The winner was Zdenek Andrlik (CZE) with 17 points and no time penalties.  The best UK competitor was Paul Bailey with 15.


Against all odds, this means we now have enough tasks to constitute a valid championships.

Zdenek Andrlik

Task 5; pure endurance

Although the weather looked good for soaring, it became a little too windy.  Michel Carnet set off early but only managed 35 minutes on his two litres of fuel.  People who started later fared a bit better, Vadim BUKHTIYAROV (RUS) won the task with 52 minutes.



We planned the ‘clover leaf slalom’, one if the new ‘kicking sticks’ tasks for the evening, but it appeared the wind was set to stay.  In fact it settled down just after the task was abandoned so pilots had a good opportunity to practise the task on the course. 



Tuesday 27 May

Task 6; Endurance / laps & takeoff over a fence.

With 2 litres of fuel, pilots had to start as near as they dared to a 2 metre high ‘fence’ of plastic tape.  It was a bit gusty and Clive Eagles got lucky and cleared it from just 15 metres.  The norm was more like 25.  They then continued to a circuit where they had to complete as many 1Km laps as they could and land in a deck.  Both Johan Bossuyt (BEL) and Vladimir MAKURIN (RUS) managed 25 laps, but Johan was the winner by merit of the fact he had made a shorter takeoff.  The best UK competitor was Michel Carnet.

Johan Bossuyt



Despite the weather, pilots seemed to consider the event a success.  Thanks must go to John Kemp for arranging the site and the splendid facilities.



The UK champion for 2003 is Michel Carnet who retains the title for the fourth time. 


The overall winner was Johan Bossuyt (BEL) with Vladimir MAKURIN [RUS] 2nd and Vadim BUKHTIYAROV [RUS] 3rd


The manufacturer’s team trophy was won by Paramania.


Full results are on the COMPS website


Michel Carnet, 2003 UK Champion

Johan Bossuyt, Overall winner.



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