·       This task is as task B1 in the PPG local regulations

·       2 litres fuel

·       No Photogaphy required

·       Briefing:  12:30 Monday

·       Fuelling (2 litres) 12:45 – 13:30

·       Takeoff window  13:45 – 18:00

·       Task closes:  18:00    Land after task closes:  Zero score.




Take-off with a measured quantity of fuel and stay airborne for as long as possible and return to the deck.

Special rules

Free take-off within the time window.

Departure from view of the marshals or egress from the permitted flight area will incur penalties.

Land outside the airfield boundary:  Score zero.  Land inside the airfield boundary but outside the deck:  20% penalty.


Pilot score =  


Tp  = The pilot's time, 

Tmax  = The longest time taken to complete the task




The time, place and volume of fuelling control will be given at the task briefing.


Measuring bottles and tape to seal tanks will be provided and marshals will be available to resolve problems but in principle pilots will control themselves.


Pilots will control themselves in the following order:


In current championship order; pilot in position 1 will control pilot in position 2 and vice versa, 3 = 4, 5 = 6 Etc.  If the last one has nobody to control him this will be done by a marshal.


Pilots are reminded that the rules state that machines must completely empty of fuel.   Completely means the entire fuel system including fuel tank, fuel lines, filters, primer bulbs and carburettor. 


As soon as a machine is fuelled and sealed the machine must be placed in the secure area.


Pilots may not re-enter the secure area without explicit permission unless they are going to remove the machine to the deck to start the task.  Penalty:  Depends on the circumstances but could include disqualification.


Penalty for not completing fuelling in the time window:  20% task score FOR BOTH PILOTS CONCERNED.


Immediately after landing at the end of the task the pilot must place his machine in the secure area until it has been controlled by the pilot who sealed it.


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