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Welcome to the 2006 UK Paramotor National Championships information site

The place to be is the green fields of Suffolk between the 10th and 13th of June, as this year’s UK Paramotor Championships will be FAIR, SIMPLE, SAFE & FUN. We are committed to making this a great event for everyone - whether participating, spectating or marshalling.

The Meet Director, Paul Mahony aims to make this one to remember, as it will be heavily orientated to encouraging pilots of all skill-levels and experience to take part (Min. 30 hours airtime)

Paul went on to say; "I want the tasks to be SAFE so that we don’t ask the newer pilots to do stuff that could intimidate them I want the tasks to be FAIR so that pilots of differing weights, on differing machines are not too disadvantaged. I want the tasks and the scoring to be SIMPLE so that the new entrants can fully understand it and we don’t have to burn the midnight oil number crunching or arguing about that extra half point. It’s no good setting a task so complicated that only 20% of pilots will achieve it. And finally, we will make them FUN because they are FAIR, SIMPLE & SAFE!"

A UK Paramotoring Committee has been formed and it is our mission is to encourage more participation at grass root level as well as the pursuit of excellence for a Gold-winning British team. With a view to increase participation, a lot of work is being done to make the Nationals an event for everyone. All UK pilots and our friends from overseas are invited to participate.

Fuel economy tasks will go through major changes, with pilots scored according to fuel burnt in proportion to their body weight, thus attempting to level the playing field. We are also planning to weigh pilots & machines, before and after a flight, to compute the amount of fuel burnt in a task. This would allow pilots to carry as much fuel as they want, allowing full participation of the task for everyone, regardless of how economical  the engine is, without the need to modify fuel systems with additional tanks and  without the hassle of a landing out and a retrieve. Although fuel economy tasks may include some elements of navigation, speed or thermalling, choosing a fuel-efficient leanly tuned engine is always going to be advantageous for pilots who aspire to win the Nationals.

More information about the Nationals (10-13th June in Suffolk), info on how to register, how to pay etc are all on the dedicated web page: Comps

Dave Hairs and Michel Carnet are providing Pilot Training by email for anyone keen to improve on their competition skills, on the dedicated Yahoo group: PPGCompsUK  Navigation tasks are given to pilots, to be flown in their regions with GPS data recorded for analysis. Task preparation and tactics are also discussed.

In the pursuit of excellence and with a view to raise the competitive level of our best pilots, a British Squad has been formed. Those Squad members will undergo more intensive coaching in all aspects of competition, to be better prepared for competing in the British team at international events. At present the British Squad consists of 11 pilots who have in the past been selected for the British team, and is expected to evolve as new talent emerges.

There is a document on the files section of PilotsPPGClubUK that spells out the process of selection for the British Team: here

The Competition Committee members are always keen to received feedback or answer queries and can be contacted by email on:

More detailed information will be posted on this web site over the coming weeks, so do keep it book marked and come back from time to time to get the latest updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Rob Kelly
UK Paramotor Comps Committee


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