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Championship settings

If this is a new championship, then you will automatically be brought to the Championship settings page. Otherwise, with a championship file open, select Settings - Championship from the main menu.

Championship name

Enter the name of your championship.


For every-day use, leave this blank. A blank password means FRDL will normally operate in full mode. (see Modes of operation).

A championship organizer should set a password at the beginning of the championship and before any loggers are connected. This will configure the logger to tell any instances of FRDL it is connected to with the wrong password to go into Download-only mode. (see Modes of operation).

At the end of a championship, the organizer may choose to release the password which can be used to set any instance of FRDL back into full mode.

Local time offset from UTC

FRDL operates entirely in UTC because logger data is always in UTC. For convenience, both championship and task windows may be set to the local time as configured by this offset. It has no effect on the time written to the .igc output file.

Adjust output IGC file times to local

Normally this should NOT be checked. This means that all data written to output .igc files will always be UTC which is the normal convention.

However, there are situations when a conversion to local time is convenient. The most notable is when the championship is occurring in a location in the Far East when it is possible normal daytime flights might occur across midnight UTC. This is not a problem for FRDL, but there is a problem in the output .igc file format which in its standard form has no means of recording a date change half way through a track. Analysis software can therefore get confused when it encounters a time going from 23:59:59 to 00:00:00 in the .igc track file it is reading and might place the fixes it encounters after midnight BEFORE the fixes it encountered before midnight. Conversion to local time solves this.

Before setting this, championship organizers should consider that the software used to download other types of loggers such as the MLR may NOT be capable of inserting a similar local time offset in their .igc output files. It may therefore be less desirable to end up with some oputput track files which do have an offset included, and some which don't, than to use the convenience of being able to set an output track time offset in just the tracks which FRDL downloads. Important

Overall championship window

This should be set to include the entire championship period. FRDL will ignore all tracks it finds on a logger which lie entirely outside this period. Task windows in FRDL cannot be set outside the championship window.

Output path to analysis

Analysis software generally requires its source data to be in one place. All .igc output files will be saved to this location.

Automatic backups

A backup of the previous championship settings is always made before changes to championship settings are saved. Backup files are saved in the same folder as the championship file and renamed in the format YYYYMMDDhhmm_original_file_name.bak

To revert to a backed up championship settings file, simply rename the file extension from .bak to .frdc and open it in FRDL.