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FRDL release notes

0.29 5 June 2009:
- Important revision to the way events (PEV, GNSS connect, GNSS disconnect) are written to .igc files. Previous version was NOT compatible with microFLAP.

0.28 21 May 2009:
- Improved on-screen messaging.
- Fixed error to write negative altitudes to igc files correctly.
- Fixes with invalid reception (shown as grey on the track display) are not written to the output .igc file by default. In the case where a logger has been set up wrong and fix validity was not recorded (ie the entire track is grey on the display) these can be written to a new igc file by selecting settings --> force download and selecting "Yes".
- Gaps of more than 30 sec in a track are flagged in the IGC file with the Event codes GDC (GNSS Disconnect) and GCN (GNSS connect). Although not in the CIMA specification, this is standard IGC format and microFLAP uses these codes to display segments of tracks which don't actually have fixes.

0.27 20 Apr 2009:
- Pilot EVents (PEVs) now shown as a circular icon on the map where the MARK button was pressed.
- If the location where igc files are saved is unavailable (eg on a network drive) then they are saved to the same folder as the championship file and an error message is displayed.
- Session properties relocated to the root of the user's working directory in a file named FRDL_session_Properties which should not now cause problems on Vista.
- Added a 'quick access' item to the File menu to quickly open the last championship file.
- Added a new Help item File locations which explains which files are read and saved by FRDL.
- The user's local timezone offset is placed in the local time offset fields of a new championship. Of course the user could have the wrong timezone set in his OS, but 99% of the time it will be correct.
- A large selection of accented characters replaced with ASCII non-accented equivalent in pilot names.
- Line endings in igc files are now CRLF and not just LF so the file meets the CIMA spec and they will open in OziExplorer...

0.26 9 Apr 2009:
- Displays fix validity by colour in the track display.
- Will write an igc file even if the logger is in the wrong mode and not recording altitude or fix validity.
- If one is detected, writes a date change to the igc file as per the CIMA spec.
- Help improvements.

0.25 28 Mar 2009:
Revised the installer now using Packjacket / izPack
- .exe installer so it installs correctly on Vista.
- no need to uninstall earlier versions.

0.24 28 Mar 2009:
Added splash screen.

0.23 26 Mar 2009:
Revision of warning introduced in 0.22

0.22 26 Mar 2009:
Improved support for GeoChron
Improved error trapping for unrecognized NMEA lines
Added warning if a task is set to extend over more than one UTC day. No problem for FRDL, but can be a problem in the output igc file format because there is no properly defined way of changing day half way through a track, therefore some analysis programs may show the portion of track after midnight BEFORE the portion of track before midnight...

0.21 25 Mar 2009:
Non contiguous tracks are displayed with gaps if the gap is more than 30 sec.

0.20 24 Mar 2009:
Added Loggers registered with FRDL info page.

0.19 23 Mar 2009:
Now deployed in installer.
Help improvements.

0.18 19 Mar 2009:
Adjustments so FRDL should work correctly with the Geochron.
Help improvements.

0.17 18 Mar 2009:
SVN system started; not released.

0.16 17 Mar 2009:
FRDL at least now opens on Macs, but still is not 'listening' for loggers.
Help improvements.

0.15.1 16 Mar 2009:
Various improvements to Help including adding an AMOD help file.
Added pilot info to bottom of Altitude profile pane.

0.15 15 March 2009: First release.