Welcome to the 5th FAI World Paramotor Championships information site.
The championships will be held at Shi San Ling, ChangPing, Beijing, China between 28 August and 9 September, 2007.

Key dates
Tue 28 Aug to Fri 31 Aug 2007 Training, aircraft inspection, registration.

Friday 31 Aug 2007 First Competition briefing & Demo flying

Saturday 1 Sep 2007 Opening Ceremony

Sunday 2 to Friday 7 Sep 2007 Contest Flying Days

Saturday 8 Sep 2007 Reserve Contest Day

Sunday 9 Sep 2007 Closing Ceremony & Prize-giving

Organized by the Aero Sports Federation of China and Beijing Flying-Man Aviation Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., the flying site is very close to the Great Wall, one of the premier sights of the World. It is about 45 Km north-east of central Beijing, and 35 Km from Beijing Capital International Airport.

Four classes of Paramotor will be competing;

  • PF1 (foot launched paramotor flown solo)
  • PL1 (landplane paramotor flown solo)
  • PL2 (landplane paramotor flown with 2 persons)
  • PF2 (foot launched paramotor flown with 2 persons). The first time this class competes in international competition.
Please keep checking this site regularly, as news becomes available it will be placed here.

All pilots, team leaders, assistants and accompanying persons are encouraged to pre-register on COMPS. This is not the official method of entry which is submitted by your National Aero Club, but individual pre-registration is extremely useful for planning the championship logistics and by registering you will be the first to hear of important news.

The style of the championship will be a bit different to normal practice; there will be no camping on-site. Instead meals and accommodation are included in the entry fee at a hotel remote from the flying site. A shuttle bus will be running between the two sites 24 hours a day. Each team will have a large tent as their flying site HQ equipped with tables, chairs, power and light. Workshop facilities are nearby. The flying site and team tents will be guarded 24h.

Event coordinator: Zhaofang HAN [CHN]
Tel: +86 10 6705 0839 Fax: +86 10 6705 0839
Assistant event coordinator: CaoHui [CHN]
Deputy Competition Director : Etsushi Matsuo [JPN]
FAI International monitor: Richard Meredith-Hardy [GBR]

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