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WL1T (Solo Weightshift)
WL1E (Solo Weightshift, electric)
WL2T (2 seat Weightshift)
WL2E (2 seat Weightshift, electric)
AL1T (Solo 3 Axis)
AL1E (Solo 3 Axis, electric)
AL2T (2 seat, 3 Axis)
AL2E (2 seat 3 Axis, electric)

PF1Tm (Solo, male)
PF1Tf (Solo, female)
PF1E (Solo, electric)
PF2T (2 Seat)
PF2E (2 Seat, electric)

PL1T (Wheels, Solo)
PL1E (Wheels, Solo, electric)
PL2T (Wheels, 2 seat)
PL2E (Wheels, 2 seat, electric)

Powered Hang gliders
WF1T (Solo)
WF1E (Solo, electric)
WF2T (2 Seat)
WF2E (2 Seat, electric)

Microlight Autogyros
GL1 (Solo)
GL2 (2 Seat)

WS1 (Solo Weightshift)
WS2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AS1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AS2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

WM1 (Solo Weightshift)
WM2 (2 seat Weightshift)
AM1 (Solo 3 Axis)
AM2 (2 seat, 3 Axis)

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30 Apr 2021, 18:06

Records set with engine made by Fresh Breeze
This is the definitive list of UK records but the FAI website is the authority for World records.

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Superseded World record
PL1T Distance in a closed circuit without landing
Performance 176.35 Km (96 Nm)
Date 1 Sep 2009
Pilot Doron Dekel (CAN)
Aircraft Fresh Breeze Xwing
Engine Fresh Breeze Xcitor
Location Bradford, ON (Canada)
Current World record
PL1T Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km
Performance 64.7 Km/h (35 Kt)
Date 14 Aug 2009
Pilot Doron Dekel (CAN)
Aircraft Fresh Breeze Xwing
Engine Fresh Breeze Xcitor
Location Bradford, ON (Canada)
Min. 65.35 Km/h (36 Kt) to beat this record.
Current World record
PL2T Speed over a straight course
Performance 79.6 Km/h (43 Kt)
Date 18 Sep 2008
Pilot Thomas Keller (GER)
Co-pilot Markus MÃœLLER
Aircraft Fresh Breeze Xwing
Engine Fresh Breeze Xcitor
Location Bissendorf (Germany)
Min. 80.41 Km/h (44 Kt) to beat this record.
World Records: Current 2     Superseded 1
World records courtesy FAI. See the FAI website for the definitive list of World records, this listing last checked 27 Mar 2023.

This list does not include World record claims pending ratification.