Task 1, Precision takeoff & landing

Task 2, Pure Navigation

Task 3, Speed triangle and out & return

Task 4, Fast / Slow

Task 5, Kicking Sticks

Task 6, Navigation, precision & speed

Task 7, Endurance

Task 8, Kicking Sticks

Final scores


Task Sheet

Competitors briefing sheet COMPETITION TASK 2

  • Unlimited fuel
  • Free takeoff within time window
  • Briefing: 13:30 Saturday 24 July
  • Takeoff window opens 15:30 Saturday 24 July Takeoff window closes: 17:00 Saturday 24 July
  • Task window closes: 20:00 Saturday 24 July (Land out of task window: score zero)

Pure Navigation


To fly a course between as many turn points or markers as possible within the time window and return to the deck.


Pilot score =


NBp = The number of ground markers and/or turn points a pilot collects in a task

NBmax = The maximum number of markers and/or turn points collected in the task

Special rules

Identification of turnpoints is scored by a correct answer to the question on the declaration sheet. Pilots should also take photographs of each turnpoint (in the correct sector) which may be used as secondary proof in the event of dispute.

Penalty for mis-declaration of a turn point (to discourage guessing!) NBp = (NBp - 1)

Penalty for not handing declaration sheet to a marshal within 5 minutes of landing (to encourage rapid scoring): 50 points / whole minute thereafter. PILOTS MUST NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ANYONE BEFORE HANDING IN THEIR TASK SHEET. Penalty: Zero score.

Enter the no fly zone: Penalty 50% pilot score.

Touch outside the deck: Penalty 20% pilot score.

Takeoff procedure: Takeoff on decks 2 & 3, Turn to South East, odd and even numbers as before. Landing on deck 1.


See declaration sheet and turnpoints sheet.

Below are some features pilots may be expected to identify.


A tank: Is a cylinder lying on it's side: A silo: Is a cylinder on end:


Important: If the question is "How many SILVER silos at this farm?" and there are some silver silos standing and some lying on their sides then only the standing silos should be counted. Silos lying on their side are classified as tanks.

A pig launcher. Is where an underground pipeline surfaces in a pipeline station. (A pig is a device that is put in pipelines for maintenance purposes.)

Mailboxes are standard red plastic boxes on posts maybe 0.5 m cube arranged in a straight row. Examples can be seen beside the road to Kecskemet.

Ventilators on sheds are on the ridge of the roof.