Task 1, Precision takeoff & landing

Task 2, Pure Navigation

Task 3, Speed triangle and out & return

Task 4, Fast / Slow

Task 5, Kicking Sticks

Task 6, Navigation, precision & speed

Task 7, Endurance

Task 8, Kicking Sticks

Final scores


Task sheet

Competitors briefing sheet COMPETITION TASK 1

  • Unlimited fuel
  • Takeoff order: In numerical order of entry number (see below)
  • Briefing: 16.00 Friday 23 July
  • Takeoff window opens sometime Saturday 24 July maybe…

Precision takeoff and landing PRECISION


To make a clean take off at the first attempt in the deck, and subsequently land as near as possible to a point.


The pilot is permitted four takeoff attempts, climbs to 500ft overhead the target, cuts the engine before passing through a gate and tries to make a first touch as near as possible to the centre of a target consisting of a series of concentric circles.

Special rules

The pilot scores 250 points for a clean take off at the first attempt, 170 for the second, 90 for the third, zero for the fourth.

The circuit to be flown will be detailed at briefing.

The first touch of the ground by the pilot’s foot is the point from which the pilot’s score will be derived. A first touch on the line scores the higher score.

Contestants will be awarded a zero score for:

  • The pilot or any part of the aircraft touching the ground outside the deck while undertaking the task.

Contestants will be awarded a zero landing score for:

  • Engine not stopped before the gate.
  • Gate not passed correctly.
  • Falling over as a result of the landing.


Pilot score = (Bto + Bld)


Bto = Takeoff points, Bld = Landing points


Takeoff procedure

Because of the weather situation, it is important that the task is carried out quickly. Two decks will be used for takeoff, one for landing. The decks will be chosen according to the wind direction, but with a North wind, decks 2 and 3 will be used for takeoff and deck 1 for landing.

Takeoff order is in numerical order of Pilot number, odd numbers on the odd numbered takeoff deck, even numbers from the even numbered takeoff deck.

As usual, there will be only 6 pilots one each deck at a time. The first 6 pilots must be ready to takeoff at the start of the task. Every pilot must take off before the sixth pilot in order after him has taken off or a 20% penalty will apply.

If a marshal considers a pilot to be causing unreasonable delay (has been on the deck more than 20 minutes with the opportunity to take off), a 20% penalty will apply.


After takeoff, the pilot flies to his height to ensure 1 minute engine off - BUT DOES NOT SWITCH OFF HIS ENGINE UNTIL THE LANDING DECK IS CLEAR. Any landing made before the landing deck is clear will score zero. After landing pilots must clear the landing deck as quickly as possible.