Task 1, Precision takeoff & landing

Task 2, Pure Navigation

Task 3, Speed triangle and out & return

Task 4, Fast / Slow

Task 5, Kicking Sticks

Task 6, Navigation, precision & speed

Task 7, Endurance

Task 8, Kicking Sticks

Final scores


Task sheet

Competitors briefing sheet COMPETITION TASK 7

  • Limited fuel
  • Free takeoff within time window
  • Briefing: 16:00 Monday 26 July
  • Fuelling time window: to be briefed
  • Takeoff window opens: to be briefed Takeoff window closes: to be briefed
  • Task window closes: to be briefed (Land out of task window: score zero)

Pure Economy


Take-off with a measured quantity of fuel and stay airborne for as long as possible and return to the deck.

Special rules

Takeoff from 2 decks - odd and even as usual. Decks in use: to be briefed.

Free take-off within the time window. Be sure a marshal is watching to take the time.

Departure from view of the marshals or egress from the permitted flight area will incur penalties.

Land outside the airfield boundary: Score zero.

Land inside the airfield boundary but outside the deck: 20% penalty.


Pilot score =


Tp = The pilot's time,

Tmax = The longest time taken to complete the task


On the basis that the pilots and their teams are the real experts at fuelling control, in the spirit of international friendship, teams will control each other's fuel according to the scheme below:












2 litres is allowed for the task, 2 litre plastic bottles will be provided for measurement (full to brim) and tape to seal tanks.

As a reminder, the local regulations state: Fuel will be measured by weight or volume but will be consistent for any given refuelling session. Refuelling will be in the order and in accordance with the instructions given at briefing. Failure of the aircraft to be present on time may result in penalty for the pilot.

        1. Competitors must be able to demonstrate that their entire fuel system is empty.

Championship staff will be available to resolve disputes……