Task 1, Precision takeoff & landing

Task 2, Pure Navigation

Task 3, Speed triangle and out & return

Task 4, Fast / Slow

Task 5, Kicking Sticks

Task 6, Navigation, precision & speed

Task 7, Endurance

Task 8, Kicking Sticks

Final scores


Briefing notice


Task 4

Kicking sticks, 27 July

The task was suspended because to continue was dangerous (Local regulations

The problem is that nobody seems to have the same opinion as to which Pilots should be allowed to have a second start, and in any case will we ever get similar enough conditions?

This task is therefore cancelled and we will try it again as soon as the weather allows.

Task 5

Navigation, Precision and speed, 28 July

Your director is cracking up. He forgot to provide pilots with declaration forms.

Please will all pilots fill in the declaration forms available at PPG HQ - then we will be able to post a provisional score.


Task 6?

Endurance, 28 July

Fuelling 11:30 - 12:30 as briefed.

Secure area - Long grass between decks 1 & 2

Takeoff decks 1 & 2

Landing Deck 3 and deck 2 ONLY if deck 3 is full AND deck 2 is completely clear.

If the weather permits, takeoff window opens 12:30 - closes 14:30. There is no task close time.

A Microlight will patrol the perimeter!

Task 7?

Kicking sticks, 28 July

Weather permitting… takeoff 18:00 Same course and procedures as yesterday.

Next Briefing, 28 July

20:00 or at end of kicking sticks - whichever last. Task sheets available from 19:00